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5 Benefits to Working with a Custom Gear Manufacturer

5 Benefits to Working with a Custom Gear Manufacturer | Halifax Rack & Screw

A Custom Gear Manufacturer can help more than you think, especially with a reliable Gear Rack Manufacturing Company UK. Most wholesalers will have you believe that you have to work around the Gear Racks rather than vice versa. However, this simply isn’t the case as you should be looking for more than just Gear Rack Suppliers.

Firstly, a Custom Gear Manufacturer will design, and supply specially made gears and gear racks. These kinds of engineering services are carried out with intricacy and undergo many quality checks. Ultimately, this is to ensure not just quality in design but to allow the best functionality.

If you are looking for a Custom Gear Rack Manufacturing Company UK, consider Halifax Rack & Screw. Halifax Rack & Screw was established as a humble company in Yorkshire and are now global distributers. As a result, we can adhere to any specification and supply you with parts as soon as possible.

Engineering Services

As established, you will firstly be investing in industry leading Engineering Services at HRS. Our success has allowed us to be able to invest heavily in a range of different manufacturing equipment. We guarantee precision manufacturing due to our advanced machinery with many machining techniques.

To give you an insight into what this can mean, HRS can work around size, shape, intricate design patterns, etc. These can be achieved through different pitches, additional machining and specialist cutting machines. Additionally, the quality and quantity of Custom Gear Rack Manufacturer Halifax Rack & Screw is very cost efficient.


To put it briefly, Halifax Rack & Screw’s availability and turnaround can’t be compared to any other Gear Rack Suppliers. Many customers would think that if it is a custom job, then it will surely take longer. This simply isn’t the case; our manufacturing and supply process is as condensed and straightforward as possible.

The quicker you get in contact, the quicker we can give you a solution! Thankfully Halifax Rack & Screw have headquarters in both the UK and the US. As a result, this means we can distribute globally as soon as possible.

Long Term Cost Saving

Compared to both wholesalers and even other Gear Rack Manufacturer UK, reducing costs is a given with HRS. Firstly, with the amount of time and cost saving definitely balance each other out resulting in the best investment. For instance, you may be walking around lost trying to find parts in a wholesaler for hours.

With this convenience you won’t need to worry about deadlines, quality or even costs. This is all thanks to our management team, who won’t allow quality to drop to meet deadlines. Thus, this is exactly why we have so many different quality checks for many different markets.


Not only have HRS for decades upon decades, but our workforce also has a wealth of experience. Each employee undergoes internships/ training in addition to necessary industry experience. With such range certainly means that we can deal with any supply job.

Being a global Custom Gear Manufacture certainly proves our level of expertise. To us, this means that we have the mark of approval from not just countries but multiple continents.

Customer Service

Despite becoming such a huge name in the industry, HRS definitely haven’t forgot where they came from. By contacting either our UK or US team, our customer service team will solve any problem you have. This applies to both before and after an order is placed, no matter the enquiry.

Halifax Rack & Screw’s ‘Total Solution’ philosophy ensured that a job isn’t just done but is done well. Fortunately, our team has a wide range of raw materials ready to facilitate a quick production turnover.

Halifax Rack & Screw: Custom Gear Manufacturer

To sum up, Halifax Rack & Screw are more than just Gear Rack Suppliers within the UK. In fact, one of our most recent internal investments was a £4 million investment in the newest manufacturing technology. As a result, Halifax Rack & Screw keep on top of cutting-edge technology, so our manufacturing follows suit.

So, to get your supply job underway quickly without hassle then get in touch with the HRS team. Believe it or not, HRS want your job to be carried out as effectively as possible to reflect our high standards. It really is as simple as highlighting your specifications/ requirements and we’ll do the rest!

Finally, now that you know everything there is to know about what our manufacturing team can do. Get in touch now by simply clicking here.



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