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A comprehensive guide on screw thread sizes

A comprehensive guide on screw thread sizes

Screw Threads have and probably always will be one of the most in demand screw solutions on the market.  Each one is different, with subtle differences varying the ways in which you can use these screws.  But thankfully you will be able to find an exact match for your needs at Halifax Rack & Screw.

By having these supplied in large quantities not only will you save, but you will receive customised threads from HRS. Fortunately, we do not have to charge bloated fees for this, making us the most reputable custom screw Manufacturer UK. As a result, everything from the quality in material to the customer service is to highest standard.

For those who aren’t aware, Halifax Rack & Screw have been the Lead Screw Manufacturer UK since 1953. Across the past 8 decades, we have been covering your Screw Thread jobs and making them as straightforward as possible. In fact, we have a UK and US base so we have a global coverage area so there will be nothing slowing us down!

What exactly is Screw Thread and how can I use them?

To quickly establish, a Screw Thread perform the function of turning rotary movement into linear movement. Each has a ridged rotary structure around the cylinder or cone to allow this energy to pass through the screw. However, each screw thread can have a different angle, shape and even size which depend on the job.

Custom Lead Screw Fasteners like these appear in so many different construction and machinery jobs. This is because of the durability and ability to handle such friction upon the material. A few uses for instance include wood constructions, machinery parts and even in pipe systems.

In short, these are a massively important part and will be absolutely vital to get right first time. If not then you certainly put a structure or piece of machinery at huge risk of irreparable breakdowns. This is most certainly the case with structures too, so come to the Custom Screws Manufacturer UK.

Finding the right Screw for the job

A Screw may not fit for many reasons, not purely based on the size. This can actually be the result of the thread, from the pitch to being out of spec. In this case, one of the big custom screws manufacturing companies UK like HRS can help.

To find the perfect match between a threaded hole and the screw, you need to find the right thread size. Luckily for you there are so many choices to select from when working with Halifax Rack & Screw. It is the high-end screws manufacturing companies UK like us who have the technology to cater to your needs.

Our success in the industry has allowed us to invest a huge amount into all of the latest technology. Not only have we done this to meet demand, but we are always looking to innovate.

Getting into specific Screw Threads

Starting with the most popular, ISO Metric Screw Thread has a 3mm nominal thread diameter and a M3 nut. These are your most common thread which is used in most construction projects, no matter of size. An incredibly vital thread is the Pipe Thread, as it is able to carry liquids and gases without any hiccups.

Trapezoidal Threads are another one, although not manufactured as a fastener they are great for lead screws. Unlike other threads, these allow for smooth motion thanks to their 30 degree angle.

Now that we have named a few now it is time for the HRS to put it into perspective for you. Here our Custom Screws can have up to 248mm diameter x 4,877mm long and 90mm diameter x 7620mm long. In addition to, the Thread being able to be whirled up to 160mm diameter x 11,888mm long thus a lot of design options.

HRS Screw Thread Manufacturing UK

Halifax Rack & Screw manufacture and supply a whole host of screw thread jobs. No matter the specifications and restrictions, our team will find a way to get the supplies to you ASAP.

Not to mention that quality is a guarantee at HRS, due to exceptional manufacturing process and experienced team. With each material being specifically picked with all the upsides considered.

All you need to do now is to get in touch by filling out our contact form. This way you can inform us of any enquiry or question, and then we will get back to you. Get your project underway now by clicking here.

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