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CNC Machining Supplying Many Industries

CNC Machining Supplying Many Industries

As many in and around the industry know, CNC Machining is the ideal way for modern precision machining. This has becoming increasingly popular decade on decade, basically being able to manufacture any part. For instance precision gear racks, pinions, lead and power screws, machined parts, and nuts.

However, this isn’t just revolutionary for our industry but is actually extremely important for many industries. For instance industries we supply include construction, mobility aid, machine and tools, and power transmission to name a few. Others include medical equipment, transport, defence, aerospace, printing equipment, food industry and ATM machines.

Fortunately for you, Halifax Rack & Screw are CNC Machinist Specialists who are global leaders in the industry. This means that we have a track record which is second to none and the most reasonable pricing available. With over 60 years thriving, you will not receive our level of experience and knowledge anywhere else!

What exactly is CNC Machining?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining is exactly what the name says, manufacturing through the use of computers. To be more specific, this process is controlled with pre-programmed software and code controls to precisely manufacture parts. Every aspect of the process can be controlled from the grinders to the turning mills, for your most preferred results.

The more this manufacturing method has gained in popularity, the more it has become automated. Gone are the days of dangerous manufacturing environments, as this precision in every department makes them safe. Of course for patterns and unique designs, the movement can be controlled to produce these repeatedly no matter the size of the order.

Modern CNC Machining uses G-Code CNC Machining Language, very much regarded as most in-depth code. This is due to how you are able to control measurements, feed rate, speed, locations and much more. In short, with the potential here it is crucial to have an experienced precision machining company working on your behalf.

How is this useful?

This mode of manufacturing really earns its place at the top of modern manufacturing for its larger orders. Every business will want their machined parts to be done as quickly as possibly yet still is high-quality. CNC Machining has the best of both worlds with little downside, even our delivery times are exceptionally quick.

Halifax Rack & Screw provide both 3-axis manufacturing and 5-axis manufacturing services. 3-axis is when the cutting tool can move across 3 different axes, ideal for your more basic manufacturing jobs. Whereas, 5-axis has an addition two directions and will thus massively reduce manufacturing times on complicated designs.

One advantage Halifax Rack & Screw have which other CNC Machining Companies don’t have is our locations. We have two factories, one in Europe and one in the US so we can cover global supply requests. And by cutting out the middle men, we deliver much quicker than competitors.

Why is CNC Machining so popular in different industries?

When you take into account just how many industries CNC Machining supports, it says a lot. By our parts being used in aerospace and food industries it tells a lot about the quality. Even in the harshest conditions and regulations, our CNC Machined parts certainly excel.

What remains consistent across all these different industries is accuracy in design. In addition to our customer’s checks, HRS’s in-house team put each order through intense inspections before distribution. As CNC Machinists Specialists, it is our duty to ensure each one of our products is the right tool for the job.

Even for the most specific designs, a prototype will be made up by our team before the manufacturing process begins. This will give a detailed breakdown of the exact design you have outlined and needs your full backing. 

Halifax Rack & Screw: Precision Machining Company

Halifax Rack & Screw are globally the largest machining company, with a phenomenal reputation in multiple industries. Each of our teams has the experience and knowledge to carry out your supply order as smoothly as possible. All you need to do is get in touch and establish exactly what you need and sit back as we do the rest.

Our priority has always been to reduce costs for customers and this certainly applies on bigger orders. With so many different countries we supply to, HRS are of course aware of different sizes and standards.

So, get in touch with Halifax Rack & Screw today to get your order underway. No matter the specifications or size of the order, our team can certainly provide the solution. To get in touch, simply click here.

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