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Five positives that come with choosing the right machined parts and the right machined parts manufacturer

5 positives that come with choosing the right machined parts and the right machined parts manufacturer

Many industrial companies and business rely on the use of precision machined parts in order for their machines to run smoothly. These parts can be the smallest and the simplest, up to some of the most intricate pieces that you may have seen before. Here are our top five reasons why you should choose machined parts for your equipment.


The parts are produced using CNC technology, which means it can be precisely created all the way down to last millimetre. However, it’s always worth being aware that there is a slight leeway due to any machine tolerance factors. These factors tend to within an allowed range which is considered in the design of the part.


With many machine components suppliers and machine components manufacturers they don’t have a minimum order requirement. Some parts are very individual, and you may not need more that 30 of these parts, so why should you be pressured into buying hundreds or even thousands of parts when you don’t need too. CNC turned parts manufacturers such as Halifax Rack and Screw understand client needs, that’s why they try their hardest to provide a service and products that exceeds all needs. They won’t put any stupid minimum part requirements in lace to try and get you to spend more money with them. The quality of the parts will speak for themselves.


The same part can be produced multiple times using a range of different materials. For example, a diamond CNC tool part can create a specific part from aluminium, which would create something that is incredibly accurate and has light reflecting properties. That same tool can then create the same part in plastic that has different properties for different uses.

Time Effective

Unlike other high precision components, CNC machined parts tend to be designed and pre-engineered with incredibly thought out and specific features which help to facilitate easy assembling when necessary.

So, if you are looking for specialised components for all of your manufacturing needs, why not make life easier for you in the long run by enabling quicker assembling with some pre-engineered features. These features not only help to save your money but also time. Time that could be used to carry out other jobs and services.

Design Reliability

Before any parts are fully authorised to be use, they have to go through multiple drafts and prototypes. However, thanks to the precision of CNC machinery, the prototypes that are created tend to be so closely made to the final product, that it allows you to see straight away what the final part will be like.

Machine Components Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a reputable CNC parts company, then look no further than Halifax Rack and Screw. They have been in the industry for years and years, with their growth and expertise allowing them to have offices not only based in the UK but over in the States as well.

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