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Gear Manufacturing – Custom Made Gears

Gear Manufacturing - Custom Made Gears_HRS

About Us

Halifax Rack and Screw is the world leader in the manufacture of high-quality precision engineered gear rack, pinions, lead screws and nuts, and committed to improving the way we do business.

Our state-of-the-art machinery gives us the cutting edge over our competitors, and we are giving the same emphasis to our Quality Management System so we can give the best results of our customers and employees. We are continually improving at every opportunity, take any errors seriously and strive to improve the systems behind them to improve future opportunities.

CNC Precision Components Manufacturer

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining is the modern way of precisely controlling the manufacturing process. By using the pre-programmed software, you can control the machinery, no matter how big or complex the tools are. Due to this, the need of multiple supervisors is no longer needed, making it easier to be CNC Machinists Specialists.

Furthermore, providing you with more intricate designs, from the UK’s most reliable Precision Machining Company. No matter what size, design, or specification, we are here for you to meet your requirements.

So, it’s good to know that Halifax Rack & Screw is proudly one of the UK’s CNC Machining Companies, using this software for precision and consistency. Operating for over 60 years, we are always ahead of the curve with the manufacturing of different parts. Thus, Halifax Rack & Screw is the UK’s most reliable Precision Machining Company, ensuring that your supplies have been manufactured with care.

Why Work with a Custom Gear Manufacturer?

Custom gear manufacturers, design, engineer and manufacture gears, gearboxes, machine parts and gear assemblies for industrial and commercial applications. They cater to customized gears and components needs across key industries like aerospace, medical, military and defence, robotics.

A leading gear manufacturer company does not just sell standard gears that are expected to produce desired results. Instead producing custom gears manufactured from many materials, and a wide variety of pitch, pressure angle, face width and tooth form.

With every gear customized depending upon customer specifications; expert engineers assist in every step of the manufacturing process so that ultimately the customer gets the tailor-made product.

A gear manufacturing company employs expert engineers to assist in every step of the gear manufacture process, right from the designing phase to the finished product launch. Additionally, highly experienced and equipped to handle any stage of the gear making process, from creating new gear, providing reverse engineering, prototyping or even redesigning gear components.

Long Term Savings Cost

Using custom gears save you time and money, both in short and long term, as you don’t need to shop around looking at various gear supplies and gear manufacturers. Also cutting time on doing research or guessing what gear might work best. With a custom gear, you can have peace of mind knowing it has been created in order to be the best of specifications.

If you think your company will benefit from custom gears or like some more information on the different kind of gears available get in touch with Halifax Rack & Screw today.

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