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Global Suppliers and Manufacturers of Gear Solutions

Global Suppliers and Manufacturers of Gear Solutions_HRS

For Product Manufacturers large quantities of perfectly shaped gears will certainly be needed. However, you may be finding it difficult to find gear manufacturers who cater to your exact needs. This is exactly where Halifax Rack & Screw come in, global suppliers and manufacturers of gear solutions.

Our UK and US teams work towards our customers’ requirements, supplying exactly what they outline. This also applies to distribution too, so if you contact us on Monday needing your supplies by Friday, we will accommodate. In short, making this makes the whole process so much easier for customers, old and new.

Halifax Rack & Screw stay ahead of the industrial parts market with innovative manufacturing technology. So, there is real potential to carry out your project in different ways. But firstly it will be helpful to understand how the gear manufacturing process is before investing.

How Gears are made

Gear Manufacturing can be carried out in many different ways, depending on specifications. For instance gear manufacturers UK will choose cutting as the best way of handling mass production. These ways of manufacturing include gear casting, gear forming, metal removal and powder metallurgy (gear cutting).

Gear Casting uses either sand or metal casting to mould, machine then finish your supply of gears. Whereas, Gear Forming involves using techniques, for instance roll forming, extrusion, stamping and coining to accurately manufacture different gears.  The difference between the two is the ways in which the metal is changed, casting being much smoother.

Metal Removal uses either gear profiling or gear generation to forge the desired shape and size. For smaller gears, Powder Metallurgy uses the sintering process for an accurate shape and smooth surface. Despite the differences, the biggest advantage of both will be achieving the specific shape.

Different Types of Gears

It is absolutely fine if you are a bit clueless about what specific type of gear you would like. There are plenty of different types and models to choose from for your specifications. If you are having these problems learn a bit more below or if you are really stuck contact us!

Spur Gears are your most basic gear, with the teeth being consist in design and in rotation. Similar in design are the Helical Gears, however, with the teeth inclined instead making them highly durable. The Double Helical Gears are more of the same, with the addition of no axial thrust and being silent.

Herringbone Gears have a similar design to double helical, yet have a completely different tooth structure. Bevel Gears function by transmitting motion along axes 90 degrees from each other. All of these gears mentioned are just a few examples; if you are interested in others our team will inform you if we have them.

What is the Ideal Material?

Put simply, there is no ideal material or solution best equipped for all gears. However, each material will bring its own advantages, which may be more ideal to your specific project. For instance you probably wouldn’t choose bronze for hardwearing projects in which movement is important.

Cast Iron has good wearing properties, so are used in projects which require smooth action. Steel Gears are heated treated to achieve their high durability, with carbon-steel gears being seen as an all-round solution. Bronze Gears aim to reduce wear, making for a more consistent performance level.

Copper Alloys are ideal for corrosive environments, and this includes brass, phosphor bronze, and aluminium bronze. Thermoplastics will be best suited for gears where weight is the most important factor. Halifax Rack & Screw are gear manufacturers UK who provide the ideal gears for your industrial projects.

Why Choose Us?

Halifax Rack & Screw are global suppliers of gear racks, gear pinions, nuts and more. Our CNC Machines are design to meet your expectations and requirements with our specialists overlooking the entire process. Many quality control checks are made before being dispatched to you to ensure the highest quality.

Gear Manufacturing has increased in price over recent years and wrongfully so. As a result of this, we aim to bring the most affordable and efficient gear supply solutions globally. We have both headquarters in both England and North America, and boast exceptional distribution lines.

So if you have any enquiries about our products and services make sure to get in touch with our team. The Halifax Rack & Screw team will inform you about how exactly the manufacturing and supply process will go. To get in touch with Halifax Rack & Screw as soon as possible simply click here.

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