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Why Halifax Rack & Screw?

Halifax Rack and Screw is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality precision engineered gear rack, pinions, lead screws and nuts.

  • More than 60 years’1111111 experience machining quality products.
  • Gear rack manufactured with tip relief and “Stub Tooth or Semi Topped” tooth profiles for smoother and quieter running.
  • Spur & helical tooth forms up to 45 degree helix and 14½, 20 and 25 degree pressure angles.
  • Quick delivery worldwide on many parts.
  • Volume and prototype quantities to meet the customers needs.
  • Large machining capacity allows for manufacture of longer gear racks and screws.
  • Parts warehoused in the USA for shorter deliveries.

Manufacturers of:

  • Precision Engineered Gear Rack
  • Pinions & Gears
  • Lead Screws
  • Nuts
  • Precision CNC machined parts
Precision Gear and Racks

Racks, Pinions, Screws & Nuts are manufactured to the highest quality using certified materials…



With more than 65 years’ experience our industry base continues to expand…


HRS Manufacture

The Halifax Rack & Screw production facility is dedicated to precision manufacturing…



Halifax Rack & Screw offer added value services: Material stocking, heat treatment, cost reduction..