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How custom screws are manufactured and what you need to look for

How custom screws are manufactured and what you need to look for

Screws are one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to all levels of production, construction, DIY, many aspects of life. But it’s something that is small and sometimes can be forgotten about. So this article is going to focus on what screws are, where they came from, how they are created, and how to find the right custom screw manufacturer for your business’ needs.

Screw Manufacturing Companies 

Screws essentially are part of the same family as studs and bolts. They are threaded and the thread on the screw can be either left or right handed depending on what they’re needed for. You also have the choice between either machine screws or wood screws. Typically, a machine screw has a tighter diameter and is used to join nuts together, whereas wood screws (as the name suggests) grips to wood better as it’s slightly tapered.

Hundreds of years ago, screws were hand made which meant there was a lot of variation in sizes, shapes and threading. Then the 18th century noted the first patent for an automatic screw cutting machine. This revolutionised the industry at the time, by producing a ground breaking 10 screws a minute. When it comes to screws manufacturers today, they use a process called tread rolling to create the screws.

Screws can be produced in a range of different materials, those include the standard carbon steel wire as well as brass, stainless steel, aluminium and nickel alloy. One of the positives that comes with working with steel is that it can be plated and finished with other materials. You’re able to choose the plating material dependent on what the screw is going to be used for.

Steel Screw Manufacturers 

If you’re looking to find the right stainless steel screw manufacturers or the right power, bone, coach or set screw manufacturer then there are a few key things that you need to look out for.

Whenever you’re planning on going to order custom screws from a power screws supplier, then you need to ask for some samples and some screw prototypes. By asking for prototypes, you’re able to gauge the quality of the screws as well as the delivery from the company and their customer service. You’re able to rate the company without having to commit to a large order. Although it adds some time onto the ordering process, it means you’re able to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want quality wise and not wasting time and money in the long run.

Halifax Rack and Screw are a UK based company that offers their screw manufacturing service all around the world. They deal with a whole range of screw manufacturing including power screws, bone screws and set screws to name a few. They also assist with gears, precision gear racks as well as being stainless steel nuts manufacturers. If you think that your business is in need of a screw manufacturer or supplier, then look no further than the team at Halifax Rack and Screw.

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