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How do I choose a Trapezoidal Lead Screw?

How do I choose a Trapezoidal Lead Screw? | Halifax Rack & Screw

There is no question about the huge array of different screws and bolts on the modern market. As there is most certainly parts which can fulfil even the most niche of construction needs. To hone in one in particular, many customers need a Trapezoidal Lead Screw supply job but don’t know what they are.

As a result of this, Halifax Rack & Screw are going to delve into exactly what you need to know. We manufacture and supply each job, ensuring each are completely geared towards your needs and wants. This is because we a Trapezoidal Lead Screw Manufacturing Company UK who actually supply worldwide.

From humble beginnings, Halifax Rack & Screw have been in the industry for decades upon decades. Starting as local suppliers to Halifax locals in North England to attracting a much larger audience. In short, there is no company who operates globally who has a track record like ours!

What is the purpose of a Trapezoidal Lead Screw?

To begin with the basics, a Trapezoidal Lead Screw is a high strength screw which has a thread form angle of 30°. These are extremely popular across the globe, being available in both triangular and square thread forms. As the name implies, these are a power screw so have a compact design to deal with the heavy loads.

With Halifax Rack & Screw you get complete customisation on all of our bits and parts including screws. One of our most requested features is that the screws are C45 Carbon Steel screws, so corrosion and oxidation aren’t a worry. These are suitable in humid, underwater, high temperature areas where screws can’t be maintained.

Not to mention the materials available here at one of the biggest Trapezoidal Lead Screw Manufacturing Companies UK. Customers definitely have steel and stainless steel options, in addition to fasteners being available in bronze, steel and even plastic. This is without mentioning the varying sizes which you can choose from, especially diameter wise.

Different Types of Lead Screws

The differences between Trapezoidal Screws and Acme Screws are certainly a bit blurred. This is exactly why we have to outline exactly where each one differs, despite the similarities.

The most popular type of Lead Screw is definitely the Acme Thread Model, which has a thread form of 29°. Despite all of the benefits of using these Lead Screws, the design is what separates this from the rest. These are manufactured to be rotary in a linear motion and to provide longevity, even as far back as the 1800s.

Compared to Acme Screws, Trapezoidal Screws have different thread angles which impact the design. Often the biggest changes will be amongst shaft diameter and pitch of the threads too. These differences of course mean that they won’t be suitable for the same types of projects.


A huge difference between Trapezoidal Screws and Acme Screws are the Irreversibility, not longevity to be clear. This is actually referring to how far down a screw can be screwed down, with Trapezoidal screws being irreversible. On the other hand, Acme Screws can be reversed in most instances despite the minor angle difference.

This is especially a big deal when screwing them down vertically. Significant backdrive when a structure is working against gravity will inevitably lead to the screws become dysfunctional.  However, when working with a Lead Screw Manufacturing Company UK like HRS we won’t allow this to happen.

No matter how you would like your parts designed and manufactured, we will find a solution!

Halifax Rack & Screw: Trapezoidal Lead Screw Manufacturer UK

For decades, Halifax Rack & Screw have not just remained on top of other Lead Screw Manufacturing Companies UK but on a global scale too. With our success we have invested in our facilities and have been able to open another headquarters in the US. Standards certainly haven’t slipped as we get bigger and bigger as a company every year!

For those who aren’t familiar with us, we don’t just do nuts and screws. In fact, we have gear racks, pinions, machined parts, power screws, lead screw of course and much more. To sum up, if you need mechanical parts then there is no better place for supplies than HRS!

Get in touch with Halifax Rack & Screw Lead Screw Manufacturer UK for your own customised supply order. No matter the specifications in dimensions or design, our in-house technology can tackle any requirements. By simply filling out our contact form you will be able to detail this and tell us everything we need to know!

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