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HRS Continues Facility Capabilities Investments

Halifax Rack & Screw Continues Facility Capabilities Investments

With over 62 years of providing precision power transmission parts worldwide, HRS continues to proactively improve our processes.  Competitively priced and high quality precision parts like gear racks, pinions, screws and nuts are in extraordinarily high demand today.  A few years back HRS invested in dedicated new equipment to provide our clients with the  best parts, prices and lead times.  We are pleased to announce that we have invested in another dedicated gear rack manufacturing machine, the Kessel RMX 4100 Rack Milling Machine.  For decades major companies across the globe trust HRS with supplying their unique parts.  HRS will continue to make investments that keep our capabilities updated to the latest standards in support of our clients.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and parts needs.

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