Lead and Power Screws

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HRS manufactures all types of screws, using certified materials and offering unique solutions to power transmission problems.

All screws are cut from quality-sourced materials.

All screws are subject to stringent quality controls.

All screw threads are machined, resulting in:

  • Greater thread accuracy.
  • A superior fit with matching nut.
  • Improved control of cumulative pitch accuracy.


  • Whirled carbon steel and stainless steel lead screws.
  • Thread milling up to 248mm diameter x 4,877mm long and 90mm diameter x 7620mm long (9¾”dia x 16ft long and 3.5”diameter x 25ft long).
  • Thread whirled up to 160mm diameter x 11,888mm long (6¼” diameter x 39ft long).
  • Trapezoidal, Acme, square thread, Multi-start and custom design.
  • Left hand and right hand screws.
  • Metric and Imperial leads.
  • End journal machining to customer’s design.