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Lead Scews and Power Screws

Lead Screw Power Screw
Racks and lead screw

HRS manufactures all types of lead screws, using certified materials and offering unique solutions to power transmission problems.

All lead screws are produced under strict quality controls using high-grade raw materials.

Every lead screw thread is machined, producing:

  • Greater thread accuracy.
  • A superior fit with matching nut.
  • Improved control of cumulative pitch accuracy.


  • Whirled carbon steel and stainless steel lead screws.
  • Thread milling up to 248mm diameter x 4,877mm long and 90mm diameter x 7620mm long (9¾”dia x 16ft long and 3.5”diameter x 25ft long).
  • Thread whirled up to 160mm diameter x 11,888mm long (6¼” diameter x 39ft long).
  • Trapezoidal, Acme, square thread, Multi-start and custom design.
  • Left hand and right hand screws.
  • Metric and Imperial leads.
  • End journal machining to customer’s design.