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Mechanical parts manufacturers offer components for every industry

Mechanical parts manufacturers

Mechanical Parts Manufacturers are equally important to both suppliers and manufacturers. As you will need the confidence in them to always deliver the right part for your machines. So, rather than relying on multiple CNC Machining Companies, we can deal with mechanical parts companies on your behalf.

The choice of mechanical parts industry manufacturers is vast and it can be hard to come across many of the smaller mechanical parts companies and then choosing the best one is even harder.

There is nothing worse than getting multiple mechanical part companies doing a job one company can do. This is where Halifax Rack & Screw come in, being experienced mechanical parts manufacturers who operate worldwide.

Not just a regular Mechanical Parts Supplier!

Our speciality is being a precision machining company, as HRS can meet different specifications. When it comes to quality and variety, Halifax Rack & Screw can’t be matched!

Most importantly, our mechanical equipment sales team are more than just mechanical parts suppliers, because we manufacturers we can also supply precision components and spare parts.

Furthermore, compared to other CNC Precision Components Manufacturers, HRS are a lot more hands-on in the production of bespoke parts. As we said, Halifax Rack & Screw don’t just supply, we, as mechanical equipment manufacturers precisely design our parts.

Leading the mechanical parts industry manufacturers

For machine owners, this means that compromises won’t be made in size, shape, or overall quality of the product. Versatility and efficiency are always HRS’s priority.  Ans, all orders undergo thorough checks before being shipped out for delivery, with technical support if any issues should arise.

Make things easier with global mechanical parts manufacturers, by placing your CNC components in the most reliable hands possible.

What mechanical components do we supply?

HRS cover all bases, supplying screws, nuts, gear racks, leadscrews, pinions, and much more! No matter the job, HRS can supply it, to make it as easy as possible for you.

In terms of Services, Halifax Rack & Screw, of course, offer a raw materials stocking programme. These are contracts outlining fast delivery times, and saving compared to an isolated delivery. We aim to make this as affordable as possible, so browse our cost reduction programmes too.

Our finishes are very notable for first-time customers, all being heat-treated for the best results. HRS offer many different plated, coating and heat treatments, just ask and our team will fulfil the request.


60 Years of Experience

HRS have been prominent in the industry for over 60 years, only getting bigger and bigger. Our parts are used in an abundance of everyday facilities. To name a few: mobility aids, food industry, medical equipment, defence, machine tool, oil industry, transport and more.

Being based in both Europe, specifically the UK and in the US, HRS have an exceptional track record globally! Being used in many different industries and markets, it is clear our products are versatile and much needed.

Stop Browsing Mechanical Equipment Manufacturers                           

There is no need to browse any CNC Machining Companies further; Halifax Rack & Screw are the company for you. As mechanical spare parts manufacturers, covering the small parts are just as important as the big parts!

Halifax Rack & Screw have gone from local mechanical parts manufacturers to global leaders in our industry. Being both reliable mechanical components manufacturers and a mechanical parts supplier, we can cover the whole job!

To get in touch with the Halifax Rack & Screw team, click here.