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Our new DMU 65 FD monoBLOCK has offline DMG MORI gearMILL software for spur and bevel gears as well as power skiving technologies built into the machine. With the inclusion of Renishaw probing and quality inspection.
Capable of milling and turning gears up to 650mm in diameter.
Supported types of gears include.
– External straight.
– External helical.
– External double helical.
– Internal straight.
– Internal helical.
– Straight bevel gears.
– Spiral bevel gears.
– Gleason type bevel gears.

Our new Doosan Puma 800 XLY lathe with BMT85 live tooling has a 750mm maximum turning diameter, 5050mm maximum turning length with 320mm through bore for even longer components, can support up to 3000kg with the chuck alone and 7000kg with support from the tailstock. Equipped with 2 custom and programable steady rests makes it perfect for large diameter and long length shaft turning. Our only limitation is our 3500kg maximum lift crane.