Power Screw Basic Function, Types and Manufacturer

Power Screw Basic Function, Types and Manufacturer_HRS

If you are thinking about any construction project, Power Screws are always brought up. This is due to just how effective they are in so many different situations. Not to mention the different types, functions and power screws manufacturer specialties to choose from.

Also known as a Translation Screw, it holds rotary motion in linear motion, transmitting power rather than holding parts together. This is done through the design, not just being your traditional screw, instead consisting of a screw, nut and holding both into place. This blog will establish which designs perform what functions and when each should be used.

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The Basic Function 

Power Screws perform the basic function of turning rotary movement into linear movement. Due to such a bulky design, Power Screws are the ideal support to lift and move heavy loads. Additionally you can use them to load specimens and to clamp a work piece if needed.

The efficiency of a Power Screw is determined through the screw, angle and the other material. However, with differing size loads this is established through the wear, which is especially a problem in vibrating environments. With a reliable Power Screws Manufacturer, for instance Halifax Rack & Screw, you maintain full creative control over design. 

Different Types of Power Screws

There are three different threads used within Power Screws. These are Square Threads, Acme Threads, Buttress Threads and Trapezoidal Threads.

Square Threads used for clamping devices, presses and screw jacks. Whereas, Acme Threads and Trapezoidal Threads are used for lead-screw and other power transmission devices in machine tool. Buttress Threads are used in vices, where force is applied in just one direction.

In addition to this choose between whirled carbon steel and stainless steel power screws. 

The Upsides of using HRS Power Screws Suppliers

Durability is a huge upside in many different ways with Power Screws. The compact design allows the screws to deal with a lot of pressure, even if it will inevitably wear. This very same design will be what makes for the most accurate linear motion.

Our Thread Screws are machined for the most precise results as possible. This makes for greater thread accuracy and for a superior fit with matching nut. Compared to our competitors, our power screws have improved control of cumulative pitch accuracy.

Stainless Steel Screw Manufacturers

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