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Precision Gear Racks


HRS precision gear racks have longer service lives, smoother transmission characteristics and more accurate pitch control than gear racks produced using other machining techniques.

Gear racks can be manufactured with tip relief and “Stub Tooth or Semi-Topped” tooth profiles for smoother and quieter running.

Racks can be cut in straight spur and helical tooth forms up to 45 degrees with a 450mm / 17.75 inch face width, and up to 12metres / 40 feet long with and 14½, 20 and 25 degree pressure angles.

HRS uses specialist dedicated CNC rack cutting machines to ensure the highest accuracies up to DIN grade 7 / AGMA class 10.


  • Additional machining – end matching, drilled and tapped holes.
  • Different materials and grades with hardness up to 300 BHN.
  • Gear racks are available in both Imperial and Metric material dimensions.
  • Round rack produced to customers’ specifications
  • Diametral pitch available from 64 DP to 1 DP.
  • Circular pitches available up to 3.5 inches.
  • Metric modular pitch available from 0.5 to 100
  • Special pitches are available on request.
Precision Gear Rack