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Rolled Thread vs Cut Thread – Differences and Benefits of Each Thread Type

Rolled Thread vs Cut Thread - Differences and Benefits of Each Thread Type | Halifax Rack & Screw

There are a range of fasteners with differing factors and benefits to complete different functions. Two very popular two fasteners are Cut Thread Screws and Rolled Thread Screws, available at a Lead & Power Screws Manufacturer like HRS. Whilst of course being threads, there are a many notable factors in which separate the two.

For those who don’t know, Halifax Rack & Screw not just a lead screws manufacturing company UK. We are actually a global supplier and manufacturer of machined parts and similar supplies. As a result of this, we can carry out any supply job to anywhere in the world.

HRS has headquarters in both the UK and US, which allows us to cover the globe. Best of all, we can manufacture your supplies in any particular way, any design, you name it. For instance being able to be your Power Screws Manufacturer UK, for all of your construction projects too.

The Difference between Cut Thread Screws and Rolled Thread Screws

Cut Thread Screws are machined threads which are made through the removal of material in order to create the thread. This machining process is completed through using a single point tool, thread mills and a tap to achieve the thread pitch.

On the other hand, Rolled Thread Screws are manufactured through the use of different forming tools. These can be flat plates and round dies, which are used to reform the material into your desired state. This rolling procedure is very consistent and thus makes for the best output if this process can be used.

Each of these is different fasteners, each used to complete different functions.  There are many differences in cost, resistant and sizes of course.

Benefits of Cut Thread Screws

Cut Thread Screws have a much more presentable finish, looking much neater in design than rolled versions. These kind of machined threads are much more suited to projects, which prioritise appearance. But are much more than eye-candy, as they can be used as an effective roller fastener.

Cost is certainly one of their upsides too, as they are reasonable cheap to manufacturer and for us to supply. This is due to the very much cost efficient means of producing them, some even being hand tooling. Alternatively the cheapest means being the rolling plate based production, ideal prices for our customers.

There are very few limitations when it comes to sizes, for instance diameter and length. Due to the range of forming tools which can be used on them for different finishes and nuances.

Benefits of Rolled Thread Screws

Rolled Thread Screws are known for their superior quality and greater durability, specifically higher tensile strength. The Cold Processing Manufacturing service makes for the most precise changing of the thread screws structure. Through the use of thread rolling machines these threads are typically up to 30% stronger than cut threads.

Similarly to Cut Thread Screws, Rolled Thread Screws are also very affordable due to how sustainable our screw-cutting machines. The rolling process doesn’t cause any waste at all, and over 10 times quicker than single-point thread cutting. As a result, our running costs are much cheaper so we can offer you the most affordable service.

Above all, Cut Thread Screws are known for their exceptional durability in which the thread can withstand any attempt to reshaping. Due to their rigid structure, there will be no cutter marks or tears with these screws. They are able to deal with a lot of strain on them, so as a result have an extended life cycle.

HRS: Power Screws Manufacturing Company UK

Halifax Rack & Screw are your lead screws manufacturing company UK, and will be able to fulfil any order. You just the name the specifications and preferences and we will be able to carry this job out for you.  As a result of this, customers will be able to have both the high quality and affordability.

However, this does not just apply to the different screws as we provide plenty of different parts. For instance there are gears, pinions, nuts, machined parts and of course different screws. So whatever you need for Halifax Rack & Screw to do, we can quite easily achieve with our machinery.

In short, you won’t find a lead screws manufacturer UK as reliable as Halifax Rack & Screw. So to get in touch with the Halifax Rack & Screw team then fill in the contact form. This way we will be able to get your order prepared and ready to manufacturer as soon as possible.


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