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HRS can offer you the following added-value services:

Raw material stocking programme

Our raw material stocking programme provides many benefits to our customers including:

• With ever-increasing steel costs, we have been able to achieve real savings by negotiating fixed price annual contracts with our customers and steel suppliers to ensure longer term cost stability.
• Fast delivery times.
• Quick turnaround on prototypes.
• Support for customers worldwide on Kanban parts scheduling contracts.

Heat Treatment and Finishing

HRS can ensure that all materials are heat treated and finished to the customer’s specifications, including:

  • Heat treatment – hardening, tempering and stress relieving.
  • Black oxide.
  • Zinc plating.
  • Bright nickel plating.
  • JS 500 – zinc plating.
  • Painted or other corrosion-resistance coatings.

Cost reduction programmes

Increasing pressure to reduce costs has led HRS to focus on continuous improvement programmes.

HRS offers advice and guidance to customers on how to optimise designs and create solutions that provide year-on-year reductions.

  • Outsourcing of associated products to provide a one-stop shop fulfilling all customer requirements.
  • Networked warehousing facilities in the USA.
  • Manufacturing to UK, USA and European sizes and standards.
  • Stock of customer specific and standard size racks and screws are held for immediate delivery.
  • Quality control and technical support ensuring that all products meet customer’s requirements and expectations.