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Steel Screw Manufacturers

Steel Screws are not only the most popular screw, but one of our most requested supply jobs. Their tensile strength makes them the go to screws for any job, on top of lasting for many years. Due to the luxury quality paid for, these screws have no limits – no job is too big or small.
Steel Screw Manufacturers HRS

If you are struggling to find a screws manufacturer, why not choose lead screws suppliers, Halifax Rack & Screw. Affordable prices are always a guarantee, even if you have the most specific requests on an order. By heavy investments put into machinery, HRS are always one step ahead of our competition.

For almost 80 years, Halifax Rack & Screw have manufactured and supplied parts across the UK. And eventually gaining a reputation as lead screws suppliers, globally. However, we aren’t just specifically steel screws manufacturers, we are also a precision rack and screw manufacturer, covering a wide range of different racks and screws.

Why choose Steel Screws?

Many customers admittedly choose to use Steel Screws due to a lack of knowledge of any other screws. However, they are in fact an effective solution, to help keep any structure in place sustainably. Halifax Rack & Screw are here to make you 100% confident in you purchase, any questions, contact our team.

The first word which should come to mind when you hear Steel Screws is Adaptability. These screws will be able to fit just as well into warm environment as they will in cold environments. As fasteners, they are also corrosion-resistant, with the stainless-steel layer being able to self-repair if damaged.

Depending on your job, you will have to determine specifics, for instance you may decide on a screw which doesn’t conduct electricity at all. Each type of screw will have a different hardening – how much pressure is on the structure based on the screw. No matter what screws you’re after, we are bone screws manufacturers, coach screw manufacturers, you name it we do it! 

Different Screws offer different power

It is up to you which screws you want Halifax Rack & Screw to manufacture and supply you with. As the lead screws manufacturer in the UK, Europe, and America, we do the job in-house!

Another popular lane HRS thrives in is our role as a global power screws manufacturer. For construction jobs it is essential to have the exact power screws needed on hand. Fortunately for you we are a power screws manufacturer who can work to specifications, such as length and strength.

Coach Screws are another type of specialist screw, meant for timber, concrete and metal.  These are a much thicker kind of screw, with either a square or hexagonal head. As coach screw manufacturers and suppliers, we of course can provide you with these handy screws.

For any questions or information about our products and services, contact our team. The HRS team are here to help in more than just distribution, here to answer your burning questions. Whether this is struggling for ideas or a helping hand, our customers concerns are ready to be resolved.

Get in touch with global Steel Screw Manufacturers, Halifax Rack & Screw by clicking here.

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