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The Benefits of Working with Custom Screw Manufacturer

Custom Screw Manufacturer

In huge supply jobs, you may need a much more personalised supply for instance Custom Screws. Customised machined parts will save a lot of hassle trying to find an exact match and instead make it. So in a case like this you will need a reliable Custom Screw Manufacturer, such as Halifax Rack & Screw.

Covering both the manufacturing and supply processes, HRS are your all in one company for different machined parts. We help many different businesses deal with many different construction jobs in vastly different industries too. Just by browsing the different industries we operate in, you will realise we are the one-stop place for supplies.

Halifax Rack & Screw are a global supplier of different parts, first and foremost a screws manufacturer. From starting manufacturing parts purely for local businesses, HRS has had a monumental rise to the top of the industry. As a result of being based in both the UK and US, delivery times are fairly quick ready for your project.

Why would you need Custom Screws?

Custom Screws give you peace of mind in terms of quality and function with your personalisation. Compared to your local hardware store, this is a much more convenient and accurate supply job for your project. This due to the fact that we can specially manufacture then supply your customised parts without a problem.

Customised Screws are the perfect way of starting as you mean to go on with your project. Screw can be very vulnerable to rust, yet with a more optimised screw this won’t be the case. Most Screw Manufacturing Companies don’t offer such service, and we offer the best in the industry.

Even if you are carrying out your own personal jobs, Custom Screws are very much convenient. This is due to how they keep your construction job personalised, rather than working within the restrictions of other screws. Whilst this sounds like its only for niche D.I.Y jobs, HRS know that each construction company operates differently.

Custom Screws offer Freedom

The purpose of Custom Screws is to build your way, and of course there are many advantages. Many customers want Custom Screws due to wanting a specific coating with a specific design. For instance, some customers want stainless steel for sheer strength, whereas others may choose bronze or copper for longevity.

When updating older builders or structures, Custom Screws kick out the old and bring in the new. Many new safety standards mean that ripping up the old is necessary for health and safety. Screws are a big part of this, as Stainless Steels are absolutely vital for bigger, more complicated projects.

Mechanical Advantages plays a huge role, especially in terms of Torque and the overall longevity of a structure. Torque refers to the force used to rotate the screw, so a customised screw may be more effective for the project. As a result of this, longevity is guaranteed as there will be a lot less risk involved if the screw caters to the tools.

The Benefits of Working with Us

Our services prioritise convenience in every department, from design to supply times. The manufacturing machinery we use offer the most intricate designs and patterns unlike any competitor. Gone are the days of browsing and rooting around for hours trying to find a specific type of screw.

Outside of our machinery, the Halifax Rack & Screw team aim only to provide the best customer service possible. Your specifications for your machined parts can be as detailed as possible and we will sort the rest. Each of our jobs undergo a number of different quality checks before distribution, meaning customers get the best results every time.

As hinted at, our turnovers and supply times are second to none! With two huge developments in the UK and US, in addition to excellent supply chains. Best of all, the HRS team will keep in touch throughout the process making delivery a breeze!

HRS: Power Screws Suppliers

Above all, Halifax Rack & Screw are Power Screws Suppliers as these are our most requested products. Power Screws have always been the go-to option for urban construction projects, so it’s no surprise how popular they are. In short, you will not find Power Screws Manufacturers and Supplier like us anywhere else!

However, we don’t stop there as we provide a huge selection of different screws and other parts. We are a well-regarded Set Screw Manufacturer too and of course offer customised solutions too.

To get your custom screw job under way all you need to do is contact our team.