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What Are The 5 Common Types Of CNC Machines?

What Are The 5 Common Types Of CNC Machines

CNC Machining has quickly become the standard for the precision manufacturing of parts and construction equipment. As a result of just how accurate, consistent and quick the results are no downside in any department. All you need to do is find a reliable precision machining company, for instance Halifax Rack & Screw.

Halifax Rack & Screw have been manufacturing and supply gears, pinions, screws, nuts and more for over 50 years. These machined parts have been used in so many different industries, services and projects. In short, there isn’t a construction project which wouldn’t be better off without these parts.

CNC Machines are a big reason behind our current success; however, there are 5 common variants. As a CNC Precision Components Manufacturer, Halifax Rack & Screw we use different machines for each job. This blog will detail how exactly each of these function and manufacture different parts.

What is the basic function of a CNC Machine?

To put it as basic as possible, a CNC Machine uses pre-programmed software in order to manufacture. Through different shaping and cutting methods your parts will be finished in different ways. For example a logo or an angled design on your screws, nails, gears, pinions, gear racks, etc.

With a lot more technological reliance than human reliance, the finished article will be more consistent in design. Set up the factory equipment and machines for the exact job you want, using G-code. By most this mode of manufacturing is seen as flawless, yet this only applies if programmed correctly.

This is fully automated and there are five different types of machine to consider for each job. A reliable and effective Precision Machining Company will own a range of each machine. Halifax Rack & Screw CNC Machinists Specialists will now run you through each machine.

Common Types of CNC Machines

CNC Lathes and Turning Machines are seen as one of the most convenient modes of manufacturing. As the name implies, their ability to turn materials whilst operating saves supervising the machine. The material can be rotated multiple times until the desired finish and pattern is achieved.

Instead of rotating the material, a CNC Milling Machine has rotating cutting tools. This can make for many different designs and patterns, intricately shaping a material based on specification. Above all, this machine works best for square and rectangular shaped materials.

The CNC Laser Machines use lasers to cut, slice and engrave into materials to produce the finished product. By using heat to melt the material, the laser is able to cut the material to produce the machined part. Laser Machines can do the small intricacies which the aforementioned machines simply can’t achieve.

More Common Types of CNC Machines

The other two most common types of CNC machines, whilst not as popular are used by big CNC Machining Companies like us. Effective CNC Machinists Specialists will be able to provide as many different designs as possible.

These two CNC Machines are CNC Electrical Discharge Machines and CNC Plasma Cutting Machines.

CNC Electrical Discharge Machines use electric sparks in order to shape a material. Although this sounds dangerous, it is highly controlled by the machines, resisting heats of 11,000 °C. The uses of these are for those awkward angled, tapered, micro-hole and other similar designs.

A CNC Plasma Cutting Machine use an electrically charged gas powered torch, even hotter than the previous machine. Materials which can be modified include steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. From here the function is very similar to Electrical Discharged Machines, cutting through the material.

Halifax Rack & Screw: CNC Precision Components Manufacturer

Come to the best in the global market for the most reliable supplies of in-house manufactured machined parts. Halifax Rack & Screw are among the biggest CNC Machining Companies in the world, based in the UK and US. Fortunately for you, we supply worldwide with impeccable delivery times too

With our large machinery capacities and quick turnaround, we have become the no brainer for suppliers. Best of all, Halifax Rack & Screw will work to your specifications and requirements for your convenience. You certainly won’t receive this level of care and reliability from any other precision machining company.

CNC Machinists Specialists like Halifax Rack & Screw have the best equipment to keep innovating design parts. This is exactly what has kept us at the top of the ladder for more than 65 years right now. So, to get your supply job underway as soon as possible contact our manufacturing team by clicking here.

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