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What are the Types of Locking Nuts?

What are the Types of Locking Nuts? | Halifax Rack & Screw

When working with different fasteners from job to job it can be hard to see which fastener will be best suited for each job. This will of course be measured through which provides the most secure fixing possible. To be more specific, as a Locking Nuts Manufacturer UK we will be clear up exactly what each one does.

Across the board, every bit of manufacturing is geared towards making these as durable as possible. Unlike your typical Nuts, Locking Nuts are intricately designed to prevent loosening under pressure even if vibrating. Although they are more expensive because of this locking feature, Halifax Rack & Screw will keep costs low.

For those who don’t know us, Halifax Rack & Screw is a Nuts Manufacturing Company UK who distributes parts globally. As a manufacturer, we are always trying to bring you the highest quality parts at the most affordable price. This also applies across the pond, as we have a base in the US as well as the UK.

How do Locking Nuts actually work?

Firstly, it is important to understand how Locking Nuts work before investing in them. This is because a traditional Nut may work just as well for your job if you don’t understand them. Specifically, with Lock Nuts it will be hard to back track as they are designed to withstand lots of pressure.

A Locking Nut can work in one of the following two ways. The first way is by increasing friction until fastened, mainly used on threaded designs. Others use an in-built lock mechanism, needing to be adjusted once put into its desired state to keep it secure.

Either way, it is this easy to use Lock Nuts as a fastener. These will certainly be of use to you for the long term, keeping your project incredibly secure. If you are interested in a manufacturing and supply job, make sure to get in touch with us!

Prevailing Torque Nuts and Surface Bearing Locking Nuts

There are two types of Locking Nuts, with the first being Prevailing Torque Nuts. This category of Nut refers to the reliance on the Prevailing Torque to resist the friction to keep the nut in lock. Specifically, this is in reference to the force needed to force the lock down the screw.

On the other hand, Surface Bearing Locking Nuts are tightened under a bearing surface to become locked in. When it comes to lock systems, there is so much range when it comes to theses fasteners. As one of the biggest Nuts Manufacturing Companies UK, HRS certainly has a whole host of Surface Bearing Nuts.

Each type of Nut doesn’t necessary have different functions, but is designed in a way which may cater to differing jobs.

Specific Types of Lock Nuts

Halifax Rack & Screw is an Aerotight Nuts Manufacturer UK, the all-metal stainless steel solution. These are a self-locking fastener that can be used and reused multiple times unlike most nuts. Yet maintains the fact that when fully tightened down are immoveable.

Wedge Lock Nuts are incredibly sturdy single piece fastener, with a huge rise higher than the thread. In fact, these nuts are built for heavier loads and can withstand vibrations too. This is completely down to their design, being manufactured to have the bulky yet be a lightweight part.

Another popular choice is our Shear Nuts and luckily we are a Shears Nut Manufacturer UK. Shear Nuts are the most popular when it comes to securing a structure for the longer term. These are installed with a conventional ring, box spanner or a suitable socket drive.

Halifax Rack & Screw: Nuts Manufacturer UK

For many years, Halifax Rack & Screw have been manufacturing then supplying nuts and machined parts globally. By having a headquarters in both the UK and the US, we are able to ship parts to any country. As a result, we have been able to quickly distribute big orders and satisfying customers across the globe.

We have invested heavily in modern technology, which allows us to provide the highest quality designs. But more importantly, the HRS team can work to meet any specifications and expectations of our customers. This way you can most certainly work your way on your projects, without a struggle.

So, to get your new project underway as soon as possible by contacting Halifax Rack & Screw. By quickly filling out our online contact form you can inform us of your enquiry and then get the job started. To get in touch with our team, click here.


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